What is Priority Pass?

What is Priority Pass?
Friday, 21/Oct/2016

Priority Pass is Lippo Homes' NUP system (Nomor Urut Pembelian) to provide our customers the privilege of choosing their preferred units ahead of everyone else. The Priority Pass is valid on the day of our Grand Preview Launch event and also serves as our ticket for entry to the event.


Normally, customers need to contact our Sales Counter and visit our office to acquire the Priority Pass. Now, with our innovative Priority Pass Online system, anyone can register on our website and purchase the Priority Pass on their own! No more waiting 4-5 days to get a Priority Pass and risk losing the best units by other customers who are ahead in line.


Urban Homes Priority Pass is set at only Rp. 5 million and is fully refundable! With more than 500 units available in our Urban 1 tower alone, buying a Priority Pass is important to get the best units available!


For more information on how to use Priority Pass Online, click here.


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